Finding Financial Freedom

Fully Revised for 2018

Debt is an all too common story. Unfortunately, few have a "happily ever after" ending. Three out of four American workers say they are in debt, living paycheck-to-paycheck. Over half don't think they will ever be free from the chains of debt.

Your story can be different. You can rewrite the end of your story and enjoy financial freedom.

In Finding Financial Freedom: Your Key to Debt Free Living, D. Greg Ebie show you a key forged in the priciples of biblical stewardship. Just as a locksmith cuts a key to open a lock, you will cut your key with seven notches that will unlock  your finances to eliminate all your debts - from credit cards to your mortgage, in as little as five to eight years.

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Your Key to Four Directional Actions Steps

Finding Financial Freedom provides you with practical advice and step-by-step worsheets to develop your financial plan. You will learn how to: 
  • Step Back with contentment and think before you buy. 
  • Step Out with generosity to think of others first. 
  • Step Up with your debt elimination plan. 
  • Step Forward to build wealth for financial strength aand stability.
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