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Contending Together to Keep First Things F.I.R.S.T.

How can the ministry of the First Faith come alongside you and be a help to the local church?
Our desire is to serve the local church by helping bring believers to maturity in Christ. We believe the mature follower of Jesus will contend to keep first things F.I.R.S.T. This means they will be individuals who are: 
  • Fruitful – From creation God established that everything would reproduce after its kind. That means disciples reproduce disciples; leaders reproduce leaders; pastors reproduce pastors and churches reproduce churches. The key to fruitfulness in the local church begins as individuals learn to share their faith with others. 
  • Invested – God’s love compelled Him to give in order to meet our need for salvation. Maturity is evident as we learn to give generously to support the Kingdom of God with a T3 investment of our Time, Talent and Treasure. 
  • Relational – By faith in Christ we have entered into an eternal covenant with God and this is the basis of our relationship with one another as believers. We build strong loving relationships willing to forgive others just as God has forgiven us. In this way we make the reality of God know to those in our world showing that we are His disciples. 
  • Spirit-Filled Self-Feeders – Spiritual maturity is shown through greater dependence and not independence. Mature believers understand that they are powerless in their own strength and depend upon the power of the Holy Spirit within them to live their lives more and more like Jesus. Likewise they do not depend upon a pastor or teacher for spiritual food, but have learned to feed themselves by regularly applying God’s word to their daily lives and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit. 
  • Transformational Leaders – Leaders must do more than simply maintain the status quo. Transformational Leaders cast a vision within relationships grounded in trust. In turn these leaders motivate people to make positive changes in their lives and the lives of others in how they think, speak and act. Their motivation flows from a heart that is continually being transformed in the image of Jesus with a passion to help others follow in His steps. 
The First Faith is ready to come along side you and your church to help bring people to greater levels of maturity that we might Paul be able to truly say, “Follow my example, as I foll the example of Christ” (1 Cor. 11:1).

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The First Faith and ministry of D. Greg and Susie Ebie

Check out what we have to offer, or let us create a custom series to meet the needs of your church.

Pulpit Supply

Is your pastor going on vacation or in need of a sabbatical rest? Is your church without a pastor? Let us know how we might be able to help serve you.

Contending for the Faith

A series looking at the short letter of Jude, a message which can stand alone or be shared in in two to seven sessions.
This is a great series for a revival as well as a small group study.

Finding Financial Freedom

One to five sessions presenting biblical stewardship with a "Step Up" plan for debt elimination.

Covenant Relationships

We are familiar with contracts and mistakenly think God's coveant is His contract with man. A series of one to six messages that take a deeper look at what coveant really is and how it affects our relationships with God and one another.

The Cornerstone

Contending for the faith means clearing away those things that hide the foundation to discover Jesus our Cornerstone. This series of one to six messages will not only help us know Jesus more fully, but also understand the foundation of our faith that is without compromise.

Be Holy as the LORD is Holy

One to seven sessions focusing on Pentecost and Jesus' fulfillment of the A.1.8. promise.

Christ in the Passover

Discover Jesus' perfect fulfillment of the Passover any time of the year. Either a teaching session or a full Passover Seder with ceremony and dinner. 
Includes a family seder guide to help families celebrate a Christ focused Passover in their homes as they prepare to celebrate Jesus' resurrection.

Feasts of the LORD

Three unique series each designed to help believers understand the LORD'S appointed times.
  • Overview - 1 to 4 sessions focusing on the relevance of the appointed times today; one emphasizing Christ's Second Coming
  • The Spring Feasts - 1 to 5 sessions showing Jesus perfect fulfillment of the LORD'S appointed times of Passover, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits and Pentecost.
  • The Fall Feasts - 1 to 7 sessions finding Jesus within the LORD'S appointed times of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Tabernacles and The Eighth Day. This series also explores Jesus fulfillment at His second coming.

It's Pentecost!

One to seven sessions focusing on Pentecost and Jesus' fulfillment of the A.1.8. promise.
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